v1.6.4 (March 2017)

The TeeshirtSCRIPT v.1.6.4 release fixes some minor issues.

  • Show campaign preview image in backend
  • Link custom image subpage in all three campaign views in admins (live/successful/unsuccessful)
  • Page slug (URL to content pages) can be edited by admin
  • Replace default pages' URL slugs containing underscores with dashes

v1.6.3 (February 2017)

The version fixes some minor issues.

  • Increase maximum campaign URL length from 30 to 120 characters
  • Fix image paths in default content

v1.6.1 (November 2016)

The version includes some improvements and fixes various small issues.

  • Auto generate URL/slug recommendation based on first campaign title
  • Small improvements to streamline campaign creation
  • Uploading an image in the tshirt designer works in Chrome without the "File Open" dialog opening multiple times
  • Users's designing a shirt at the exact same time another campaign is launched don't overwrite the other design

v1.6.2 (January 2017)

The version includes some improvements and fixes various small issues.

  • The designs/icons that the designer can use in the product designer are now categorized
  • Successful actions in the admin area are not shown as messages in the look of an error message

v1.6.0 (July 2016)

This release is about a better internationalization by introducing out-of-the-box support for 8 currencies.

  • New currency system, easy switch between the currencies USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, CAD, AUD and ZAR
  • Allow easy download of customers' designs (with/without apparel) in the admin section
  • Better check for system requirements (self-diagnosis in admin info section)